Salsa Rose Lasagna

Salsa Rose Lasagna By Reinneck Ranch Recipes 1 lb ground hamburger 1 lb pork sausage 1 jar Traditonal spaghetti sauce I tsp Black Pepper 1 tsp garlic powder Pinch of white sugar (optional) 1 container of Ricotta cheese 3 8oz bags of Mozzarella cheese 1 cup Parmesan Cheese 1 can Coke 1 box Dierberg’s Lasagna…

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Coming Soon!

We are busy collecting recipes from people who use our Salsa in their favorite dishes. Check back here soon for updates and great new recipes. Have a recipe that your love using Salsa Rose? Email us at  with the subject line “Salsa Rose Recipes” and we will add it to the blog!

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